You mean you actually LABORED on Labor Day?

I mean, how many of you guys can say that you were Laboring (like, with a baby) on Labor Day weekend? Pretty crazy, right?

I seem to be getting all of my writing inspiration from around the interwebs these days, but Kristen's questions were just too hard to resist. In honor of Labor Day, she posted some labor and delivery queries to all the mamas in the room. Such a fun way to commiserate, right?

Here goes!

How long were you in labor with each of your kids?

A: 12 hours, Induction, 1 week late
R: 8 hours, Induction, on her due date
C: 16 hours, Came of his own accord (Thank you Jesus!), 8 days late
M: 8 hours, Induction, nearly 2 weeks late. (seriously?)

How did you know you were in labor?

A, R, M: You know, the ridiculous IVs, cords, monitors, gowns, pokings, proddings, etc. Those kind of gave me a clue as to what was coming. 
C: I was having some crampiness, etc. and a dear friend was recording the "periods of discomfort" as they got closer together while we sat in her backyard watching our kids play in the kiddie pools. I think she knew I was in labor before I did! 

Where did you deliver?

Los Hospitales...where they keep the epidurals. Not that the epidurals actually work on me. That was always a fun science experiment. Let's play the "how many times can we poke her in the back" game!

Though I did have a doula for the first baby in an attempt to go au naturale, and I think that made a world of difference with the result (read: I didn't end up with a C-Section). 


Narrowly escaped that with the first, otherwise, uneventful (albeit occasionally sudden) deliveries. 

Who delivered?

A: My first OB who was super no-nonsense and a little pushy...get it, pushy? Ha!
R: Nicest OB on the planet who was willing to deliver on Labor Day--induced no less!
C: Dude OB who was not very friendly and told me not nice things about the future of my tired little body. 
M: Back-up dude OB who I'd never met. I think I was with him for a grand total of about 11.2 minutes. You know, because the fourth kid just kind of falls out.

How big were your babies?

A: 9 lbs. 11 oz., 23.5 inches
R: 9 lbs. 8 oz., 20.25 inches
C: 9 lbs. 15 oz., 22.5 inches
M: 10 lbs. 5 oz., 22.5 inches

This is insane, no?

What's your favorite/least favorite part of delivery?

Favorite: Hospital food right after--although cardboard would taste amazing after the work of giving birth.

Least Favorite: The hourly interruptions. I mean, I know you gotta check on us, but we just fell asleep!

Any adopted babies in the house?

Not here, but I keep telling the hubby we need to fill in that gap between our kiddos. He doesn't seem to be buying it. 

Your turn!!

I'm Co-hosting Social Media Mixer this Month!!

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No-Churn Smores Ice Cream from The Blonder Side of Life

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I did something for my birthday that my hips (and probably yours too) will hate me for forever…like forever, forever…..I made homemade ice cream….and it was really easy!!

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5 Things I Do As a Parent from Domain of the Mad Mommy

I am a sarcastic person. I think anyone that reads my blog can see that. I am sarcastic with everyone, including my kids. However, there are things that I am never sarcastic about.

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Divine White Chocolate Cheesecake with Berry Coulis from Just A Mum


I discovered this recipe after endless requests from my lovely husband to learn how to make his favourite dessert – Cheesecake! I have no time for fancy ingredients or tricky techniques so after combining a few ideas from online this is what I have come up with.

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8 Ways to Make it Easy to Share Your Posts from 100lb Countdown

I am a co-host on several blog hops: Creative Style, Turn it Up Tuesday, and CLIMB. One of my purposes of starting the blog hop is to help my readers and followers grow. But I can’t. Let me rephrase. It’s hard to. Why? Well, you came to the right place, because I’m going to tell you.

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Simple Ways to Make Back To School Easy from Krafts & Kiddos


As quick as I blinked an eye, I felt like it was time for school to start all over again. Our summer was “full” of exciting adventures and plenty of memories were deposited into the kids memory bank, but school officially started this week. Both kiddos were super excited to meet their teachers and kick start the school year. I think as much as I have a hard time saying goodbye to summer, I was truly ready for the kids to get back to school.

Tara chose...

The Honeycomb Home

Hello & Welcome! The Honeycomb Home (THH) is my blog about all things Interior Design, DIY, and House & Home. I created this blog as a source of inspiration for other Design Enthusiasts. I live in a small (1200 sq ft) builder-grade house. Here, I will share with you the process of changing my cookie cutter house into a home, on a budget, and show you how you can do the same. It’s time to wake up your space!

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Whole Wheat Vegan Chia Seed Pancakes from Natural Chow

I do not know what I would do if I didn’t have an awesome pancake recipe to fall back on when I have no creative juices, my eyes are juuust open, and I haven’t even thrown a splash of coffee down the ol’ hatch. But today, I had to be a little creative because a) we were out of eggs, b) we were out of sugar, and c) I knew people were going to want an amazing breakfast this morning due to the fact that they were “punished” with oatmeal yesterday.

Shana chose...

15+ Simple Ideas to Teach Kids at Home & Free Printable (Love to Learn Linky #6) from A Little Pinch of Perfect

Whether you are a homeschooler or think homeschooling is crazy, as a parent you have a special role in your child's education. It is important to show you are interested and involved in helping them learn and grow! That is why I am so excited because next week we will be sharing our first A-Z themed Tot School and Preschool ideas.

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"Time Stand Still" OR "The Crier"

Do you have any Facebook friends sending their firstborn off to school or out into the world this fall? Are you sending a sweet baby into the realm of new teachers and new friends yourself?

Yeah, me too.

We've come to the end. We've made it to the finish line in many respects. Our little birds have flown the coop. From what I hear, time only goes faster from here on out.

Oh Lord, please make time stand still.

Wanna see me cry? Let's just start talking about how someday these little people who are MINE, (mine mine mine), will one day, up and leave me. And they won't need me or in some rare (very rare) cases, they won't want me (I don't want me either, guys).

And this once bustling and busy house will be empty. And too quiet. And perhaps really clean.


I already feel like I want to make time stand still. My "baby" will very soon make the transition to "toddler" and my big guy Mr. A is officially no longer a toddler or preschooler. We've entered the realm of grade school y'all and I'm completely terrified. Can you imagine these kids in middle school or high school?

I can't, really. And I don't want to. Do you see the level of completely irrational emotions I go to? Two of my kids aren't even in school yet, and the other two are in primary grades.

In the words of a fave blogger, Jen, "I should be medicated."

And then the crying, like instantaneous sobbing, with every class assignment letter we receive. I made the mistake of opening one of those bad boys in the front yard while the kids were playing last week. Mr. A's response? "Mommy, why are you whining?"

Compassionate little fellow.

Then I nearly choked myself on a sob at the school today while looking at the new class assignments list they put out in the window. Of course I was surrounded by a group of other, more experienced moms. I felt like the word "rookie" was emblazoned across my forehead.

Oh geez, here comes "the crier."

They probably have a bet going on how many seconds it'll take me to ugly cry on the first day of school. ($50 bucks says I don't last 10 seconds).

But the school issue aside, even when I'm home with my babies, I'm constantly taking pictures of them to help me remember this crazy time. And oh the iPhone videos in an effort to capture those moments full of garbled toddler-ese grunts and grins. Or the way they dance with one leg cocked out to the side. Or their funny little songs.

And even with those pics or videos in hand and heart, I still forget. Because they always seem to get bigger even when I ask them specifically not to. Then over time I can't seem to remember what they were REALLY like every day.

How their small voices sounded.

Their little mannerisms.

What their hands felt like.

The funny ways they said, "carry you" with outstretched arms for "pick me up," or "gueek" instead of "drink."

What their fuzzy heads felt like resting on my chest, heavy with sleep.

So Lord, if you can't stop time, can you please help me remember? I don't want to forget these sweet babies. Even on the bad days and the crazy days or the days I can hardly see their little faces through my tears. I'll take all the days I can get.
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