Weekend Adventures in Skiing

My older three kiddos got to experience a very special treat this past weekend when the hubby took them for ski lessons.  Our oldest guy Mr. A was THRILLED ’cause he really loved the winter olympics and was fully prepared to become a professional skier by the end of his lesson.

You can imagine where that is going.

We tried to explain that skiing is not so easy the first couple of times, but that his ski instructor would be there to help him.  And help him up. A million times.

By the time the hubby and kids made it to the slopes, Mr. A and our Baby Girl were absolutely thrilled to be there.  I mean, they could hardly contain their excitement at the prospect of being left with ski instructors for half the day.

Their excitement was uncontainable. Could not be contained. Overflowing with excitement.

  But they got linked up with their instructors and headed out for their lesson.  In the meantime, the hubby and the Puddins obtained their ski rentals and decided to hit the slopes for some one-on-one time.  This guy really was excited. Said boots were later recovered from a box of miscellaneous items in the room of our resident squirrel, AKA Baby Girl.
Speaking of that sweet baby, she had a blast on the slopes and was even photographed completely leaning into her instructor.  Sorry ski dude! But she picked it up quickly and showed some mad skiing skills, which she obviously got from her mother–who may have cried at the top of a green run one time. But that’s neither here nor there. But not to be left out, Mr. M had a one-on-one date with Mommy!  We did all of his favorite things, like shopping at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Michael’s and Kroger.  He was on the hunt for home decor and scored some serious deals.  Great job, M!
He was also super friendly and yelled “hi!” at random strangers throughout the stores.  His favorite part of the day was eating a quesadilla at Qdoba and flirting with little girls who were far too old for him.  Those blue eyes are ladykillers. All in all, it was a successful albeit expensive weekend.  The kids learned something new and the parents enjoyed some man-to-man instead of zone defense for a portion of the day.  It really was awesome.  

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