How to potty-train your dragon.

I got an email a few weeks ago from Gina at Aim High Games asking me to review a potty-training game.  First I was a super-excited dweeb, cause, you want ME to do a review?!? and then I was like, be cool. And then in my coolest email voice I said ‘I’m in!’

I figure she must have seen my “Potty-training Poetry” post and decided to take pity on this tired mommy and her 3rd go at taming the wee dragon. (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

So Gina sent me a Let’s Potty!  game for free (and one for a lucky reader too!) and here I am doing a review + a giveaway based on our own opinions and experiences.  Cool, huh?

Though I will say, when I first heard about a potty-training game for a two-year-old, I was a bit skeptical.  I mean, I’ve played Candyland with the Puddins’ and it was NOT pretty.  He tends to make up his own rules to the chagrin of his rule-following mommy. And don’t even get me started on Chutes and Ladders.

So I got the game out one morning while the big kids were at school (mainly so A and his bossy little self wouldn’t be present) and we sat down to review the rules.

Mr. M found a cozy box lid to sit in during that process.

Then we opened the packages, put the people and cards in their places on the board, and started playing.  It’s like Candyland in that the cards tell you where to move long the path. The board is brightly colored and held the Puddins’ attention alone for at least 30 seconds (hallelujah!) and he liked drawing the cards and moving his little person.

Fortunately, unlike Candyland, the cards are made of cardboard so when Mr. M took it upon himself to “collect” (i.e. chew on) the used ones as we went, there was no harm done.

And guess what? The Puddins won?  Yeah, cause I didn’t shuffle the cards well enough so my person kept having “accidents” and not moving forward Note to self: You wanna win? You better shuffle those cards…like it says in the instructions.

Moving right along.

From a gaming aspect, it’s right on target for a 2 or 3-year-old who is either just learning about potty-training, or has been at. it. FOR. E. VER. Seriously, longest potty-training kid so far. I’m beginning to think he actually enjoys that soggy-britches, undies-clinging-to-my-nether-regions feeling.

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