The Pros and Cons of Having 4 kids 5 and under

Are you thinking right now, “What? There are CONS to having that many small, needy, germy, completely-dependent-on-adults, half-humans in your house?”

Strange, right?  As unbelievable as it may seem, there are pros AND cons to having this many children so close in age. And really, compared to some people, four kids is a drop in the bucket. I am in awe of those people. Michelle Duggar, tell me how you do it!?!

So here are my pros and cons to having four babies, assembly-line style!


1) We will not be in baby prison for as long as we would have been had we spaced the Crazies out a little more.

Do you know that we will only have to deal with diapers for a grand total of app. 7 years? Yeah, ’cause we always have two kids in diapers at any given time. Smart right? And by smart I mean dumb. And expensive.

Ok, that one came off more as a con.

Let me try again. 

By having kids close together we have shortened the amount of time that we will have to store ridiculous amounts of baby gear in our home. Or carry a diaper bag. Or worry with car seats. Yeah, shorter is better, right?

2) Everybody plays with the same stuff. There’s not really a big difference in the types of toys the kids will play with. Set them in a room with a bin of matchbox cars and everyone is happy.

What may appear to be a rattle to the baby is a cell phone to the 4-year-old.

Makes the whole toy thing a little easier…until they all want the same one. Did I mention I refuse to by multiple anything? So yeah.

3) Nap time rocks. ‘Nuff said.


1) I only have two hands.  But they have 8 hands, and 40 fidgety fingers, and four little bums, and like 2,000 lungs each. If my math is correct, that’s approximately 10,594 lungs total. It’s a complex equation by which they multiply exponentially.  I made that up.

So very loud.

2) They all need car seats. So I have to drive one of those massive soccer mom vans that just SCREAMS, “Hi, I’ve sold my soul to the devil in exchange for these four small people rightchere and the hideous vehicle they require for transport to and from preschool and the park and back to preschool again, but never to and from the mall or the salon or the restaurant where people eat with two hands.” Screams it. Every day.

3) I used to actually leave my house and take 2-3 kids places like the aforementioned mall. If you are pregnant, this infographic will tell you that what you can eat when pregnant.But going from three to four is a whole new ballgame. Just makes those fun playgroup zoo trips or kid museum outings impossible without the hubby. For now at least.

The hubby and I joke a lot about having kids so close together, and I know we get some strange looks when we walk into a place for the first time with our little trail of ducklings.

And some days I feel like my life is a 24/7 daycare with few too many days off. Ok, most days. Or like, a portion of everyday.

But seeing them together playing and giving hugs and showing one another love in only the ways that siblings can is an easy reminder that our “little” family is just right for us.

Like when R cries for her big brother when he gets in trouble out of pure sympathy and heartache. Or when C Puddins shares his bunny crackers with Mr. M and then gives him a little pat on the head. Or when Mr. A saves mommy from utter poop-tastrophe by fetching a box of wipes from elsewhere in the house.

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