A High Chair is the best way to ensure that your child will remain strapped in and won’t fall off when you are having dinner or when you are making your kid eat new dishes. Children are always overenthusiastic and a wrong chair could seriously injure them with no fault of their own. So it is crucial to buy a high chair which provides your child with a safe environment. This guide will help you in deciding which features you should look for when buying a High Chair.

High Chair

What to look for when buying a High Chair?

Types of Chairs

There are many types of High Chair and you will need to decide on one depending on your needs and the features you want.

  • Standard high chair – A simple high chair will fit your baby and has a tray attached to it to keep the food in front of your child.
  • European style high chair – This type of chair doesn’t come with a tray and can be attached to the dining table itself, it is adjustable and also includes a footrest.
  • Portable high chair – A good travel chair, this type of high chair can be clipped onto the table of a dining chair and can come with hooks which attach to the chair arms and keeps the high chair in position.
  • Booster seat – This type of high chair is good for those kids who don’t need a high chair anymore but are still a little short to reach the table and need a secure seating.
  • Chair harness – This is a fabric seat cover with secure straps which can be attached to any chair and comes handy when you are traveling.
  • Easy to clean It is a no-brainer that your child will dirty the high chair a lot with all the food and the mess, so it would be better to choose a chair which can be easily cleaned and will not make you scream in frustration.Here are the top recommended high chair for 2018 by UniversalReview. Fabric high chairs can be really hard to clean so try sticking to plastic or vinyl seating.
  • Comfortable seating

It is important that you choose a high chair which provides a soft but firm and a comfortable seat padding for your child else they might be reluctant to sit on it and it would be harder for you to make them stay.

  • Safety Harness

It is crucial to opt for a high chair which has a safety harness to keep your child tucked in safely while you feed them or while they keep on playing with their toys. You don’t want your child slipping from the chair and injuring himself/herself.

  • Tray

It is always better to choose a high chair which comes with a tray as it becomes easier for you to feed your child and it takes less amount of time too. Also, the tray provides a perfect area to scatter their toys for playing when you are eating your own meal.

  • Chair Adjustability

Make sure you always go for a high chair whose height can be adjusted as this will come handy when your child grows and starts to stick in a few places.

  • Wheels

This feature could come handy when you need to transfer your child from one room to another without taking them out from the chair and then strapping them in again.

  • Crotch Spot

It might sound a little weird but this is another of those features which are important to keep your child safe and secure in the high chair. A crotch spot will keep the baby fixed in position and avoid any type of slipping from the high chair.

  • Sturdiness

Always go for a high chair which is sturdy and won’t fall down with a few wriggle. Your child will bounce a lot on the high chair and the chair should be strong enough to hold all this activity without falling.

  • Storage

It is crucial to find a high chair which can be easily folded and stored in a corner. There are already enough baby items taking up space in your room, you don’t want to add a high chair to that list too, right?

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