What Factors Should You Keep In Mind When Ordering A Pet Portrait Painting.

You could have more than one reason to get a pet portrait painting done of your little cat or a cute dog. They don’t just look good but also become a loving tribute to them. However, if you thought if finding the right artist would complete the task, you are mistaken. In this article we share with you some important considerations to keep in mind when you order a pet portrait to be done:

  1. What Is The Medium Of The Painting?

There is no one medium of painting: it could be acrylic, oil paint, pastels or watercolour. You could even choose not to get a painting but rather keep it to a charcoal sketch. Or the best thing you can order is a pet or dog portraits from various website. The choice is entirely yours. Charcoal drawings are comparatively less expensive, unlike a painting. The medium you choose for the artwork will affect the feel and composition of the portrait. So make sure you decide upon it wisely and keeping in mind where you would place it. 

  1. The Reference Picture Is Important

If you are getting an artist to do the pet painting, you have to ensure he gets the best reference picture for his artwork. So ensure that you select a good picture which has a good balance of light effect and colour composition and also keeping in mind that the pet is the main focal point of the picture. Blurry pictures can lead to disastrous results and you won’t be able to blame the artist for the same. Keep everything in mind when finalising the reference photo – the personality of the pet, their pose, their expression on the face and the background.

  1. The Size Of The Pet Portrait

As mentioned above, decide upon the location where you would place the painting and likewise decide upon the size of the painting. We do not have to give in to a standard size. It is up to your choice! You could go for a jumbo size or a small size or a plain square.

  1. Frames Accentuate The Beauty Of The Painting

Frames accentuate the feel of a painting. They are a complimentary add-on and also helps to protect the edges of the painting. So be very sure about the style of the frame. If you want to keep it very simple then you could go with the simple wooden panel but if you want a particular style, use your imagination well to see if it will look good in the area where you would fit it and also add to the beauty of the painting.

  1. Private Artist Or Service?

You could find many services online that will save the time for you by hiring an artist for your work. On the other hand, you could choose to hire your own artist and even personally meet them to discuss the details of it. But make sure that in case of the latter, you are crystal clear about your expectations of the pet portrait and also what style are you looking for and how do you want the painting to be.

  1. Will It Be A Portrait Of Only Your Pet Or You Want Yourself In The Frame?

A lot of people get a painting made of themselves with their pet, while some opt for just a portrait of their pet. It will entirely be up to you but when you have more than one subject in a portrait, the prices could also go up.

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Now that you have gone through this guide, keep them in mind the next time you plan to order a pet portrait painting for your cute little one. After all your pet also deserves your share of pampering and love!

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