Roman Shades: Types

Roman shades are generally used to disallow the sun coming inside the house. They are normally arranged in a proper order, and they look beautiful on opening them. The cost of those shades is different as their structure and style changes. Normally, the shades are having a height of 20 to 40 inches, due to which the cost of every shade also varies.


They are available in different varieties like looped and classic roman shades those are normally made for depth and dimension of the window. Both types of shades are easy to use and look beautiful when fitted. The style and texture of each and every shade can be made customized as per user wish and requirement. Cascading of the face of the shade is done in hobbled shades, also called as Looped Roman shades. Both the types of shades work normally on cord mechanism, which means it very easy for a user to adjust the proper height of the area which is covered. You can easily findĀ custom roman shades at affordable blinds.


One must start measuring a window from left to right and from the top, middle and bottom of the window. Roman shades normally allow a user for adjusting a height as and when required. They are available in different quality as well. Roman shades are normally made up with wood and fabric, Bamboo can also be used to make roman shades.

Two types of Roman shades are Flat and Hobbled. And both of the variety can have embellished bottom or a plain bottom. Let us go through the actual differences, there are some important and small differences which need to be taken into consideration while getting one done for the home, as it must fit in your window area properly giving the best look

Flat Roman shades:

As the name suggests flat roman shade is flat in shape. After extending it fully, it has a flat fabric panel and when raised, it folds like an accordion. They have an uncluttered design which is truly timeless. Flat roman shade can be a single piece of solid or seams, which is dependent on the way of assembling.

As compared to flat roman shades, hobbled roman shades are softer and a bit more ornate and they overlap folds on extending, due to which it looks like cascade, flowing which makes it more interesting in looks than flay roman shades. On rising, it retracts along its fold lines.

Embellished Roman shades:

Embellished bottoms have both the types of shades i.e.; hobbled and flat roman shades. Embellishments have a curved bottom, and in the middle, it has a vertical pleat which works as a fan and also can be included with fringe, tassels, or beads.

Roman shades for room darkening:

When there is a need for controlling light in bedrooms, the roman shade can be added with the darkening liner. It can reduce sunlight penetration fully to have the complete darkness.

Both the types of window shades help to add style and functionality to your windows whether you use flat roman shades or hobbled roman shades.

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