Accurate Guide To Feeding Toddler Age Wise

This guide specifies that what amount and how much I to be given to the toddler from 12 months onwards. These guidelines are general predictions, and you should not worry if your child is eating more or less than the said amount. It is ok if your child is eating little fewer amounts than before. It is normal at this age. And it happens in almost every child.

Age 12 to 24 months:

The milestone for development:

  • Spoon can be used.
  • What is needed to feed
  • Honey
  • Whole milk
  • Other grains like pasta, rice
  • Iron-fortified cereals
  • Fruits and vegetables

What amount?

  • 1 to 1 ½ cups milk, yogurt, 1 ½ cheese
  • 1 cup of fruit
  • 1 cup vegetables
  • 2 ounces protein

Tips for feeding:

It was said previously that children at this age should not eat child eggs, peanut butter, and fish as it can lead to food allergy. But no such proved claim is there at present. Consult a family doctor only if your family has a history of allergies. You can use table toppers to protect your toddler from germs, Bibiluv provides you the placemats which can provide clean eating place to your little one.

Choking is harmful, so take care of that.

Age 24 to 36 months:

A Milestone of development:

  • Self-feeding
  • Start to make choice for food

What to give?

  • Milk(low-fat)
  • Dairy products like diced cheese, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding
  • Cereals (iron fortified)
  • Protein like eggs, beans, boneless fish, small pieces of meat
  • Fruits
  • Dried fruit, soaked until become soft like apples, apricots, pears, dates, etc.
  • Fruits sliced and canned
  • Combination of fruits like cheese and macaroni, casseroles.

The amount:

  • 1 to 1 ½ cups milk, yogurt, 1 ½ cheese
  • 1 cup fruit those are fresh, frozen, dried.
  • 1 cup of vegetables likes to cut in small pieces and coked well.
  • 2 ounces protein


  • It was said that toddlers should not eat fish, eggs but it is not claimed anywhere that this should be done. You need to concern a doctor if your family has any history for allergies.
  • AT this age, children may start to make a choice of their own food, so be patient and try to fulfill their choices by giving an adequate amount of proteins and carbohydrates keeping the healthy choice in mind.
  • Avoid choking.

What to follow if you are vegetarians?

It is ok to be vegan or vegetarian, still, you can provide toddler or infant adequate amount of nutrients to them. It is only that, you must make sure that your toddler is getting these many nutrients in proper amount or not;

  1. Vitamin B12: They are in milk products and eggs. Vegans can choose cereals, beverages, meat substitutes.
  2. Vitamin D: Babies who breastfeed need an extra amount of 400 IU every day from the cow milk
  3. Calcium: Babies who are growing as a vegan need calcium food, and supplements.
  4. Zinc: These are found in milk, wheat germ, beans.
  5. Iron: These are found in oranges, tomatoes, strawberries.
  6. Protein: They can be added in yogurt and eggs.
  7. Fiber: It is found in grain bread, pasta, and high-fat plant foods.

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