About Jennifer

Hello There! My name is Jennifer and I’m a work-at-home mom to four beautiful kids with my darling husband.

After earning my Ph.D. in Mass Communication, we decided if would be best if I worked from home to meet the needs of our family–and also because daycare costs are astronomical!

But you know what? Staying home with the Crazies gives me the opportunity to share (i.e. vent about) our life with you on this little BLOG!

It’s a dash of mommy life with a splash of kiddie stuff bubbling away in a big pot of humor and sarcasm.

Funny stories? Check! Reflections on mommy-life? Check! Explorations of important family stuff? Check! Crafts? Nope. Not a crafty bone in my body. Sorry, friends!

I also chronicle the adventures of our young family, ’cause Lord knows we won’t remember any of this is a few years.

For you, dear reader, I hope these stories are a source of entertainment and encouragement. As a mommy who has worked outside and inside of the home, I need a big dose of both on a regular basis!

So please follow along with me and watch the madness. I’m all social-like on social media here:
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And you can ALWAYS send me an email at mommylifeafterphd [at] gmail.com. PLEASE! I need more adult interaction in my life…

…and to have a conversation with someone whose vocabulary is larger than “unt dat” and “no no.”

Right up there on the toolbar, for your perusing pleasure, I’ve listed my most Popular Posts. I’d also like to introduce you to the four Crazies in my life!

I hope you’ll stick around to commiserate with me. I’d love to hear your stories too!